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Divisional Information

There are three divisions in the tag program for CVYRA, The youngest is Starters, in the middle is Midway and the oldest are the Premier division, they are all based upon the age brackets listed below.  All teams are built of players from all skill levels with an eye towards even playing levels and athleticism.  This is an extremely difficult task, but as we put the teams together we do our best to stay true to these goals.  

Our tackle program plays and practices as a group and teams are built and set up based upon the recommendations of the coaches after practices begin.  Experience, age and size are considered as we set these teams form.  There may be some tournament play and perhaps play against other clubs as options become available in the Tackle program.  

There are plans for a girls tackle program again this season, but it is truly dependent upon the number of participants.  We tried for the last two seasons to get this started, but so far have only been able to teach fundamentals and have not been able to field teams for match play.  Don't let that discourage you from signing up if eligible, we need to keep this going.  Girls in this program, who are eligible by age, may be able to play in the tag program as well, so if you are interested in girls tackle, sign up for it-we will make sure you get to play somewhere this season!   

The bracket is below:
CVYRA 2022 Season Age Brackets for All Divisions
2022 Season Youngest                Oldest                  Age Bracket
Starters Division** Coed 9/1/2015 8/31/2013 6 8
Midway Division** Coed 9/1/2013 8/31/2011 8 10
PremierCoed 9/1/2011 8/31/2007 10 14

Tackle Boys* 9/1/2009 8/31/2005 12 16
Girls* 9/1/2009 8/31/2005 12 16


Field Status

Open Open

Hampden Park (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

Open Open

Hampden 1 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

Open Open

Hampden 2 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

Open Open

Hampden 5 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

Open Open

Hampden 4 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

Open Open

Hampden 3 (12:09 PM | 06/10/16)