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CVYRA Tackle Rugby will use a size four (4) ball

Players may use only studs, clothing, and padding during matches that are in accordance with International Rugby Board (IRB) Laws of the Game and associated Regulations.

Mouthpieces are required in a tackle game.

More information can be found at this link:
Of particular note is an IRB rule that prohibits the use of regular eyeglasses, sunglasses or non-rugby approved sport glasses. 

Only eyewear approved by the International Rugby Board is considered safe and legal to play tackle rugby.  Currently there are only a few products that meet this standard. The above document will provide more detail, but if you have questions about this requirement please reach out at [email protected]

There will be no exceptions to the eyewear rule.  If a participant requires glasses, cannot or will not use contact lenses, cannot acquire approved goggles they will not be permitted to practice or play in contact rugby (Tackle). .

Field Status

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Hampden Park (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

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Hampden 1 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

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Hampden 2 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

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Hampden 5 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

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Hampden 4 (09:26 PM | 05/29/14)

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Hampden 3 (12:09 PM | 06/10/16)